NATIONAL YORKSHIRE PUDDING DAY National Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated across the United States each year on October 13. Also known as batter pudding, Yorkshire Pudding is an English dish similar to a popover that is made from a batter and usually served with roast meat and gravy. Cooks in the north of England devised a means of making use of the fat that dropped into the dripping pans to cook a batter pudding while the meat roasted in the oven. A recipe for ‘a Dripping Pudding’ was published in 1737 in “The Whole Duty of a Woman“. “Make a good batter as for pancakes: put in a hot toss-pan over the fire with a bit of butter to fry the bottom a little then put the pan and butter under a shoulder of mutton, instead of a dripping pan, keeping frequently shaking it by the handle and it will be light and savoury, and fit to take up when your mutton is enough; then turn it in a dish and serve it hot.” In 1747, similar instructions were published in The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse under the title of ‘Yorkshire Pudding’. It was Glasse that re-invented and renamed the original version of ‘Dripping Pudding”.


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